Our Objectives

  • Promote relevant skills acquisition programmes and to generally Improve employment.
  • To become a one stop-shop for entrepreneurs (MSMEs)
  • Improve E-governance and establish Kaduna as a truly digital state with a compliant workforce.
  • Drive Innovation and entrepreneurship – By partnering with technology and entrepreneurship hubs.
  • Provide oversight function and support for parastatals domiciled under MBIT.
  • Initiate and engage partnerships and collaborations that promote tourism in the State.

Business and Industrial Development

  • Formulate policies and coordinate business matters in the State in
    line with national and State priorities and systems.
  • Ensure Inter-governmental cooperation on development of business.
  • Generally support the SME Sector in the State (e.g. Capacity
    Building and Access to Finance), and create a business friendly
  • Encourage Public-Private partnerships in the Business and Industrial
    Ecosystem of the State.
  • Promote active acquisition and development of entrepreneurial skills
    by the youth population of the State.
  • Support MDAs on the development of viable business models.

Innovation and Skills Development

  • Policy Formulation and coordination of Government’s support and
    promotion of innovation.
  • Collaborate with Sector players for development of the
    entrepreneurial and skills capacity of the State’s labour force.
  • Engage and partner with sector players for the promotion, incubation
    and commercialization of innovative ideas
  • Provide Support for Local Innovative and skilled persons and groups
    to aid in stimulating the innovation ecosystem of the State.

ICT and Research

  • Create the policy direction for the State in the area of Technology.
  • Promote cooperation and collaboration in the development of
    technology in the State
  • Partner with and provide support to local players and international
    organizations in developing the digital ecosystem of the State by
    creating technological hubs and ICT parks.


Promote Tourism in the State and foster PPP to generate revenue
from the Tourism and Hospitality Sector


<b>Idris Samaila Nyam</b>
Idris Samaila NyamHon. Commissioner
<b>Dr. Halliru Musa Soba</b>
Dr. Halliru Musa SobaPermanent Secretary